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I used to date a guy who was very boring in sex but very focused on his work thus I decided to take matters into my own hands and spice things up a little bit... So one day I visited him at work without him knowing anything about it...  I knew that this would upset him but I made sure I looked as erotic as ever. I was wearing a coat but no clothes underneath just some sexy black laced lingerie, stockings and my pair of black high heels. When I walked into his office I tricked him and before he knew he was tied down to his office chair so that he wouldn't be able to resist me and my naughty plans. I started teasing him and revealing little by little parts of my body just to make him see that I was not wearing any clothes. He started becoming very excited and I approached him, slightly touching his crotch feeling his hard-on.

I locked the door and slipped the key inside my panties. His phone was ringing off the hook and I knew that someone from his work was trying to reach him. Anxiety grew his lust fast I could sense his frustration. It was all so kinky and hot.

I was also so turned on and feeling my panties getting wet and heavy. I mounted his lap and started moving sensually asking him to remove my underwear with his mouth as i had his hands handcuffed. He was kissing, biting, licking and nibbling me with his mouth trying to rip my clothes off. His teeth were digging hard in my lingerie and every now and then he was spitting out pieces of torn fabric and then shoving his head back in. He finally made it and got me totally naked. I unzipped his pants and his cock sprang out, throbbing. I couldn't help it, I grabbed it and stuffed my mouth. I felt it sliding down deep in my throat.

I was sucking him very hard while pulling his balls slightly. Right before he was about to come, I stopped. I told him to answer the phone and ask his colleague to come in after about 10 minutes. We now both knew we had little time to finish it up as I had unlocked the door and this just kicked our juices up.

I untied his hands and he grabbed me with so much passion, threw me on the desk and we fucked our brains out. We were acting like wild animals. He was acting like a changed or new person, the person I wanted and I hoped he would be. I still remember the way he thrust his dick inside my wet pussy and how fast and hard we was drilling it while my nipples were melting in his mouth and my hands cupped his ass, giving him boosts as he was laying on top of me. We switched, with me being on top now, ridding his thick meaty junk and feeling my clit grinding on his shaft as I was sliding in and out, up and down, back and forth.

He was keeping my ass cheeks stretched and fingering my butthole making my pleasure bigger. Though the hottest thing was that when I came on his dick, covering with my sweet juices his firm beast, he desperately needed to cum as well. But we couldn't get it messy, so I had to swallow every drop of his semen and clean his dick up with my filthy tongue. Continue